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Paintless Dent Removal Services

Bodyline (Swage Line) Dentsbodylinedamage

Some cars have bodylines that run down the side of the doors or body. 

These bodylines or swage lines tend to always get hit when someone opens their car door, as this bodyline stands proud of the flat panel of the door hence they get caught first when the car doors are opened.

Bonnet Dents

These can often be dented by someone pushing down too hard on the bonnet to close it as a lot of cars now are made of steel/aluminium which can be easy to dent.

Dents to bonnets can commonly be caused by stones flicking up from cars or lorries on the roads or motorways, also other items which have fallen from vehicles.

Whenever people celebrate with fireworks there is a possibility of damage to car bonnets; fireworks go up and must come down!   Unfortunately they can hit your vehicle leaving dents on various panels of the car, especially bonnets and roofs.

Outward Dents

These kind of Dents are when someone has left tools or other various items under the bonnet of the car and then shut the bonnet leaving the dent coming outwards.

Boot Lid and Tailgates

tailgate damage

tailgate damage repaired

Quite commonly these can be caused from reversing into a number of objects including other vehicles, wheelie bins, gate posts and lamp posts or just pushing down too hard to close the boot/tailgate.

It's fairly common to damage boot lids and tailgates with over-enthusisastic use of briefcases, handbags, pushchairs etc or even getting your dogs in and out.







Bike Rack Dentsbike rack damage

It's easy and common to dent your car by fitting the wrong bike rack on the vehcle.  Unfortunately many people don’t realise this when buying or fitting bike racks but we can sort this out easily with paintless dent repair (PDR).

Minor Car Park Dents / Shopping Trolley Dents

shoppingtrolleydamageshopping damage repairedThese are a very common dent. They are caused by shopping trolleys in supermarkets where people push the trolley right to the car.

Shopping trolleys are quite difficult to manoeuvre when you have a trolley full of items and have children in too. Unfortunately some people just leave their trolley in the car park instead of returning it to the trolley park which means that they roll into cars quite often.

Car park dents can also be caused by large cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles as these kinds of cars are large to manoeuvre in small spaces for the inexperienced.

Dented Door Panels


These Dents can be caused by another car door edge hitting your vehicle. These are quite common as often

people just get out their vehicle with looking how much space they have at the side of them, especially in car parks or supermarkets.

roof damage

Vandal / Malicious Damage

Unfortunately vehicles can sometimes be damaged during malicious incidents or vandalism. This can be very upsetting to the owner of their pride and joy.

This most common causes of damage are by people kicking doors with various items including high heels shoes, baseball bats, cricket bats, iron bars, bricks. People can also punch and kick cars in anger whether it is their own vehicle or other innocent person’s vehicle. During the 'party season' this type of dent damage can also be caused by someone walking over the vehicle or even jumping on the bonnet!

Roof Dents / Unforeseen Accidental Damage

Vehicle dents can sometimes be caused by roof tiles falling from a house especially during winter storms. Damage can also be caused by a garage door coming down onto avehicle.

We have repaired many dents caused by a number of items accidently falling on or hitting a vehicle. Some examples of items are below

  • Tree branches
  • Golf balls
  • Footballs
  • Cricket balls
  • Footballs
  • Conkers
  • Apples
  • Ladders
  • Boxes falling from a shelf

Hail Storm Damage

Hail damage is common in many countries but is also now quite common in the UK  too. Paintless Dent Removal is probably the best method to repair the damage causes by hail storms, asit can restore the vehicle back to its original factory finish and give a quality finish.

Severe hail damage can be devasting for vehicle owners but please be assured we can repair this damage with Paintless Dent Removal using quality precision Tools.

This should also be covered by your comprehensive insurance

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Dents are removed using paintless dent removal precision tools that get behind the dent itself. We then tap/push and restore slowly and surely to its original position.

We also remove dents by pulling them out with a new glue pulling tool, this is advantageous with difficult to reach/access dents.

Cars are booked in and repaired at your convenience or even the same day.

PDR means Paintless Dent Removal

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PDR Services

  • Bodyline (Swage Line) Dent Repair
  • Dented Roof Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
  • Dents and Creases Removed from Bodylines
  • Car Door Dents and Dints
  • Shopping Trolley Scratches
  • Trade and Domestic

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